About Us

Why the “Y”

Tytan started life as Titan Advertising Group, LLC in 2006.  In 2010, we decided to take some of our own branding medicine and create a new name we could own… it was hiding in plain sight.  We absolutely love living and working on Tybee Island.  The “Y” is our connection and our tribute to the island that we call home, it is our sanctuary, our creative oasis.  It also means we are, and will remain, “Tytans.”  Tytan is the eastern european spelling of “Titan” and provides us a more unique, more exclusive naming destination in North America.

Our Vision

To tell the unique story of every client, while understanding that ROI is key. To produce creative of exceptional originality, unparalleled effectiveness, and uncompromising quality while promoting a nurturing environment where the best idea… wins.

Who We Are

TYTAN is an EMMY, TELLY, and ADDY-award winning creative, design, branding, and production company.  TYTAN specializes in personalizing the client story and speaking to the target audience, one person at a time.  All campaign elements needed to create and finish national level work for all media can be found under one roof at TYTAN.  TYTAN is a non-traditional team continually evolving and adapting to the new and ever changing realities of communication and distribution.

The TYTAN Philosophy

Because TYTAN is not a “Me Too” company. TYTAN takes an in-depth approach to creative, design, branding, production or any other type of challenge with a national perspective and an open mind that always asks the question, “why not?” If your message doesn’t cut through the clutter of everyday promotion, nothing else matters.

At TYTAN, the “science of success” behind the brand is based on our internal philosophy… “Build it, and they will come. Brand it, and they will come back.”

Why Choose TYTAN

TYTAN is…when you need us. It’s when you want higher standards. It’s when you want smarter people. It’s when you want better results. Now more than ever in today’s constantly changing, competitive landscape, there is a must for great creative; For promotional strategies that aren’t copies of others.

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