To tell the best story, you've got to have great production.

With two seasoned Directors on staff, including a Director of Photography, we see things a little differently around here. To tell the best story, you’ve got to have the best production. And great production only comes from those who have the experience to know better. TYTAN features a full-service production company with four in-house high definition edit bays capable of finishing a great product all under one roof. With an award-winning team, multiple 2D and 3D broadcast designers as well as a master finishing suite capable of the most advanced SFX and sound design integration, to master layoff… TYTAN produces national quality production with the same bells and whistles you’d find in NY or LA. Because that’s where we used to be. We just like it here better. We shoot multiple platforms including DSLR, HD Phantom Flex, as well as the RED, and beyond. From Moco Rigs to Steadicams, everything we produce is created and designed to tell the best story from our client’s unique vantage point. And it’s all done right here.

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